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About Indian Furniture Outlet

Welcome to Indian Furniture Outlet

Indian Furniture Outlet, a subdivision of SHIVA Groups is an Indian wood furniture manufacturing company and Export Company based in the beautiful town of Jodhpur known for its spectacular landscape and unequaled commitment to wooden crafts.

The city of Jodhpur sited in the heart of the Indian state of Rajasthan is known to be the epicenter of Indian handicrafts that vividly displays the skilled craftsmanship of Indian artisans. The myriad forms of wooden furniture and products you get here have been integrally woven with the tourism industry that embraces tourists and visitors from all across the globe. The vast reservoir of wooden furniture and handicrafts has made this town carve a niche for itself in the global handicrafts industry.

With a bit more than three decades of wood crafting experience, we have flourished as a potential leader in the wooden handicrafts industry. With varieties ranging from Sheesham wood furniture to Indian traditional gift items, decorative furniture to home office furniture, bedroom sets to dining bric-a-brac, you name it and we design every kind of wood furniture and have them customized for you based on your taste and preferences. Our untiring efforts coupled with unparalleled dedication have made us able to occupy a special corner in the hearts of your beloved customers.


Indian Furniture Manufacturer & Exporter

Looking for exotic collection of furniture from India to enhance the look of your bedroom, living room or office space? Shiva Creations, one of the leading Indian furniture manufacturers and exporters can offer a wide range of collections in this regard. Be it cheap furniture manufactured from wood varieties like acacia, mango, rosewood and Sheesham or durable and elegant collections in the range of teak and other costly wood, Shiva creations has the experience and exposure of manufacturing and exporting all of them. Being a pioneer of Rajasthani manufacturing art, Shiva Collections showcase wood furniture with unique appeal, longevity and durable performance.

We at Shiva Creations understand that choosing furniture is highly subjective and depends upon personal taste, budget and requirement. Hence, we upgrade our collections in regular interval and ensure that you get the exact design according to your wish. For the convenience of shopping, we operate both online and onsite. Our online store showcase a broader range of ethnic Indian furniture, traditional and ethnic designs matching to both lower and higher budget. With few clicks on computer, you can easily scan through all the collections available at our online store from the comfort of home. For the comfort of customers, we have started accepting orders online.

Being a wholesale exporter and manufacturer of elegant and inexpensive Indian furniture, we ensure that you get the furniture if best quality at a comparatively lower price. Our online gateway for payment acceptance is highly secured. We accept orders 24X7 and promise its prompt delivery.

Traditional Furniture

Your search for creative and innovation furniture sets ends here as Shiva Creation showcases an exquisite range of contemporary and traditional furniture. This leading Indian furniture supplier and exporter has years of experience in manufacturing qualitative furniture of latest and conventional designs. Armed with skilled and creative artisans, Shiva Creations make sure that every furniture piece you purchase has its own exclusivity. That is the reason why its customer base is crowded with people from every corner of the world and having superior taste for life and quality.

Purchasing traditional furniture from Shiva Creations will offer you several advantages. Quality and innovation are the way of life at this leading Indian furniture manufacturer. We ensure unmatched design and delicate elegance to all furniture models being displayed at our gallery. Being a wholesale supplier, we can afford to offer you attractive discounts on your purchase. Having online gallery, we enable you to purchase Indian wooden furniture from any part of the world. Once you book the product, we aim at delivering at your address in as-it-is condition.

At Shiva Creations, you are free to choose from mass-procured traditional furniture or order for a custom one. If you wish for a custom furniture set, you need to provide us the idea and your budget. Our skilled artisans devote their committed efforts to turn your creative design into a reality. We also specialize in ethnic and inexpensive Indian furniture.

Handcrafted Furniture

Handcrafted furniture and Indian culture are inseparable. From time immemorial, they have remained masterpieces of art, creativity and elegance. Capable of transforming the look of your home and office, handcrafted furniture from India are available both in luxury and budget range. Known for inimitable style, irresistible appeal and impeccable durability, handcrafted ethnic Indian furniture has global acclamation and acceptance. Presence of these furniture sets will definitely add a sense of superiority to your personality and taste.

Shiva Creations, One of the leading Indian agencies engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying furniture from India, offers a wide rage of options related to handcrafted furniture. You can mark exclusivity in every piece of wooden furniture placed at online and onsite gallery of Shiva Creations. Saga of uncompromised quality, price range matching to every budget and transformations related to design have made Shiva Creations a leading name in the domain of Indian furniture exporters. The best part of entrusting your furniture requirement to Shiva Creations is the availability of custom designs. Share your out-of-box idea and budget with us and let our skilled artisans to deliver an unmatched design.

Online booking facility of Shiva Creations enables you to purchase handcrafted furniture of India from any corner of the world. We accept online payment and ensure prompt delivery of selected furniture from India in your address. As we are wholesale suppliers and manufacturers, you have a bright chance to purchase handcrafted furniture from us at a comparatively lower price.

Jodhpur Furniture

If you are looking for ethnic Indian furniture, noting matches to the appeal and elegance of Jodhpur furniture. This segment of Rajasthan furniture and handicraft industry earns revenue about $200 million every year and creates employment for 2 lakhs artisans. Having wide acclamation in international market for their unique style, Jodhpur furniture is versatile in nature. Be it for your bedroom or work place, you can find a creative design related to this Indian traditional furniture pattern.

Shiva Creations, One of the largest Indian furniture manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, showcases an exotic range of Jodhpur furniture. These furniture sets might vary in their price, wood ingredient and style. It’s up to you to scan through the available collections and find out one that matches to your need and budget. If you are looking for inexpensive Indian furniture, you can also rely upon Shiva Creations. We specialize in selling both mass-procured and custom Jodhpur furniture online and onsite. For custom designs, you need to send us your idea and budget. Our team of devoted artisans will work upon the idea and try their maximum level to deliver the best. During manufacturing, we stay in touch with you for feedbacks and suggestions.

Exotic and exquisite range of Jodhpur, Rajasthan and furniture from India has made Shiva Creations a sought after destination for people who have flair for quality taste and enhanced lifestyle. Being a leading Indian furniture exporter and supplier, we also offer you best bets on price front.

Handcrafted Wood Furniture

Handcrafted wood furniture will depict your qualitative taste for life in a redefined manner. They are masterpieces of creative innovations, elegance and superiority. At Shiva Creations, we ensure that every piece of handcrafted wood furniture has its distinct look and unique appeal. State of art manufacturing facility available at our studio ensures that every piece of ethnic Indian furniture manufactured by us has an exclusive story to tell. Our teams of skilled artisans devote their creativity and dedicated effort to make the furniture a masterpiece and sheer statement of sophistication.

You can avail both luxury and inexpensive alternatives in the range of handcrafted wooden furniture at our online and onsite gallery. Wood of the furniture is the pivotal factor behind its price. If your budget is low, you can go for low cost options like furniture sets made from acacia, sheesham and rosewood. Hence, whatever might be your budget; you will find a matching and creative furniture set at our gallery. Before showcasing wooden furniture at our gallery, we ensure that it passes through all tests related to quality and durability. We also offer highly efficient shipping facility. We guarantee that, furniture sets reach you in the exact condition as you have noticed them at our gallery.

Being a leading Indian furniture manufacturer and exporter, we can offer you wide alternative within the same budget. You are also free to order for custom designs according to your requirement. We specialize in both residential and commercial wood furniture.

Wholesale Furniture Supplier

Purchasing the right furniture will add significantly to the look of the space where it will be placed. And, purchasing it from wholesale furniture suppliers will help you to get uncompromised quality at unbeatable price. Shiva Creations, a leading furniture wholesaler and exporter from India, will help you in figuring out furniture of right design and price from its exotic collections. Here you will find all varieties of antique, traditional, ethnic and contemporary Indian furniture manufactured from teak, rosewood, mango, Acacia and Sheesham.

Operating from Rajasthan, the pioneer of Indian handicraft and culture, Shiva Creation specializes in innovative and creative blends of furniture designs. Being one of the top notch wholesale furniture manufacturers of India, Shiva Creation ensures that its customers get the furniture of right design in a budget-friendly manner. With few clicks, you easily scan through the designs available at our online store. You can even order for custom designs. Our experienced designers leave no stone unturned to understand your needs exactly and try their best to deliver accordingly. We are in this business for last several years and our satisfied customer base speaks for our quality and service.

Our wholesale furniture store is full of multiple and creative designs related to beds, shelves, coffee table, cupboards, consoles, chests, boxes, dining tables etc. We specialize in selling Indian furniture at call and at a wholesale price. if you have a design and décor dream for your home or office place, we help in materializing it through our creative design and affordable price.

Wood Type-Sheesham furniture, Shisham, Indian Acacia furniture

If you are looking for inexpensive furniture of Indian style, Shiva Creations will offer a wide collection in this range. Be it from sheesham, Indian rosewood or acacia, cheap and fast-flying macrocosms of creative blend are available here. Duly processed Sheesham and acacia wood are given the touch of perfection in the hands of our highly creative and experienced designers. From the online gallery you can choose one of the designs related to inexpensive Indian furniture and can gratify the look of your home or office space.

Shisham and Indian Acacia furniture are the low cost alternatives if you are looking for an elegant makeover to the décor of your home with lower budget. At Shiva Creations, manufacturing of inexpensive furniture is an art and strict measures are undertaken to ensure quality and durability. Sheesham and acacia belong to the fast growing plant species. While transforming raw wood to the desired furniture, we give utmost priority to factors like processing, design and proper finishing.

During our long interaction with customers, we have found that some of them have many fascinating ideas related to Sheesham and Indian acacia furniture. Hence, we encourage you to come with your own design if you are wishing to have custom furniture set. During the process of manufacturing, we will remain in constant touch with you and ensure that all your feedbacks are implemented properly. We offer guarantee on both custom and off-the-shelf cheap Indian wood furniture. We also offer exchange facility on acacia and Sheesham furniture. Online booking, prompt shipping, best of quality and price are some of the unique advantages of shopping your Acacia and Sheesham furniture from us.

Christmas Wooden Gifts

Christmas is a festivity that is special to everyone. And we all know that the festival is incomplete without a Christmas tree well-decorated with Christmas ornaments. Now that Christmas ornaments have been around for decades and have been invented in myriad forms all across the globe, however, wooden Christmas ornaments are always in rage with the young and old alike. They usually come in the form of wooden beads, wooden balls, wooden stars, and so on. Buying Christmas ornaments wholesale can be a profitable deal but crafting them at home is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Three dimensional wood Christmas ornaments are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

Christmas Wooden Gifts