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About Us


Our craftsmen are extremely skilled and the designers and analysts mix the blessings of craftsmanship with solid groundwork. We use state-of-art chemical treatment and seasoning plants. We have many modules of quality checks that are instrumental in bringing a high quality end-product. The raw material is the very best in business. The logistic of entire process is supervised from genesis to end by devoted practitioners of the field who are employed with us. Presently, we have carved our niche in producing the very best of acacia, sheesham and mango wood furniture. If your eyes are set on artistic furniture, super quality is our watchword.

Customer Satisfaction

In India as well as abroad, we have been received with great warmth. Customers have lapped up all that we have produced with bounteous discipline. It has partly been because of the price that we quote and a large chunk of customer retention is obviously the result of high quality that we offer on our products. Such encouragements as we get from our clients make us raise the bar of our achievement even further. In the international market arena, there is a constant beeline for our products. We get heady testimonials from our retained clients and the list only keeps getting bigger.


Cargo handling logistic is taken care of with immense circumspection. Right from the fumigation stage of product, the supervisors do not leave a single stone unturned. The containers are packed so that even the smallest surface areas are properly utilized. Delivery logistic is right on-the-button and not even the remotest measures of dispatch and delivery is ignored. Thanks to the latest regulation of Central Customs and Excise, the products are sealed at our factories. This eliminates any chance of mishap due to multiple handling. Such measure, as shall be a common inference, cuts down any chance of transitory damage.


Each piece of furniture is unique in its need for care. Structure, weight, flexibility and relative girth and dimensions determine how best furniture shall be packaged. For instance, an antique wooden chair and a wooden side board require different kind of attention. We take pride in our team of technical advisors who ensure sustained guidance pertaining to packaging. Be it the usage of foam or plastic, or be it the requirement for protective cornering or sealing in corrugation boxes, the staff force gently but industriously makes best possible execution. We also abide to any regulation set by the Central Customs and Excise Department.

Type of Wood

We primarily deal with three kinds of wood; Sheesham, Mango and Acacia. First is an Indian rosewood and last one is commonly known as babool. Our chemical treatment of sheesham and its seasoning is aligned to the highest international standards. The styling of wood is avant garde yet the central idea is seeped in enquiry of the past generations. Acacia is amiable with the environment and produces great contrasts in walnut brown and tan colors. Mango wood is a delight to work with for antique furniture and is more generally waterproof and provides superb richness of colors.