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How to Choose a Good Bed for Your Bedroom

We spend a third of our lives in the bed and it certainly makes sense to invest in one that forges a good night's sleep. Here's how you can wisely choose a bed.

Determine the budget

If you have a budget, it becomes easier to zero in on your bed. You can choose from inexpensive beds to carved hardwood four-poster beds. It all depends on how much you want to spend on a bed.

Note the dimensions

If you have handy information about the dimension of the bed you want, you don't need to spend much time guessing the desired dimension about your bed.

Consider the functionality

Do you want any regular bed that double up as something else like a daybed or futon? Do you require space savers beneath your bed? Or do you need a fully adjustable bed that can be reshaped for reading or watching TV? Consider these before buying one.

Consider the bedroom theme

It's easier to select your bed when you know the theme of your bedroom. If the theme is minimalist, you can go for a simple hardwood bed. If your theme borders on antiquity, go for a grander bed.

Consider the size

Many a times the size of the bed is determined not only by the size of the room but also personal choices, convenience and budget. While a twin-sized bed could be just adequate if you're sleeping alone, a queen-sized one would be more comfortable. Again, if you're sleeping with your partner, a queen-sized bed would suffice but a king-sized one will be more spacious. At, beds are knockdown and made from solid wood. While the mattress size of the king-sized bed is 180x180/190/198 cm; that of the queen-sized bed is 150x180/190/198 cm, whereas the single bed is 90x180/190/198 cm.

Consider the height

While several beds are low in height that make cleaning the underneath a problem, many are quite high and often requires a step stool for climbing. Choose a height that best matches your lifestyle.

Never sleep on a bed that's uncomfortable and doesn't complement your posture. That could cause spinal cord and other health problems.