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Wood Trunk Furniture - Antique Wooden Boxes

Effective Storage Solutions with Wooden Trunks

Wooden boxes and trunks have been used since ages for storing general valuables as well as beloved possessions. They command a long standing significance and cultural involvement all over the world. Today, the wooden boxes and trunks are used for holding almost anything from small pieces of jewellery to a complete range of clothing. Usage of wooden trunk boxes has grown through the years and yet they're very much similar to what they've always been.

Trunks are the largest wooden boxes that you can find. They can hold almost anything. Wooden trunk boxes come in an exhaustive range of sizes and are often specifically made for storing a large amount of items at any given time. The wooden trunks, by definition, are short vertically and long horizontally. Exact specifications, however, can vary between one another. These trunks are often used for storing the larger items and keepsakes like seasonal clothes, family heirlooms etc.

Smaller trunks are the other type of wooden boxes but they're just as functional. Such small trunks can be of any size and made from woods varying from cherry, oak and pine. Customising options of such boxes are limitless. The advantage of customizing smaller wood trunks is that they can be ordered to any size and made from any wood. The finishing can also be chosen by the customer. It's possible to get these trunk boxes specially engraved on demand. Wooden trunk boxes can sport a variety if finishes. They can be stained, lacquered and even varnished depending on the choice of the customer.

Wood is durable and don't rust like iron and steel. Some simple maintenance on the wooden trunk boxes can make them last for ages. Their ergonomic sizes help them to be stored at any place whether lofts or beneath the beds. Pick a wooden trunk box as per your needs and it'll last a lifetime.