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Bed Room Furniture - Chest of Drawers

A Visual Appeal with a Wooden Chest of Drawers

Imagine an ancestral house that sports rustic simplicity, characterized with a very ornate wooden stairway and a banister sanded down to perfection that leads to a striking slate-grey granite floor. Or a more modern abode that comprises comfortable bedrooms with multicoloured cushions, olive walls and a sturdy wooden bed and a bench with some basic items on it. In both the cases, an accent piece of furniture like wooden chest drawers would integrate nicely with the several other pieces of furniture in the room and the overall architectural design.

The wooden chest of drawers, whether a slim and small mini cabinet, comprising four square shaped drawers that would look nice besides a flight of stairs, or a lowboy, i.e. a set of wooden drawers having short legs, beside an equally beautiful wooden bed, could be just more than some pretty place for conversation. Almost akin to a slim yet functional bookcase of warm wood, a wooden chest of drawers could accommodate many knickknacks and other vital items like receipts, bills, papers and personal items. The drawers contribute to a clutter-less look.

Even small apartment units that are minimalist and cosy, but stamped completely with the owner's eclectic elegance and personal touch, can look several notches nicer with a mini chest of wooden drawers. A living room of a bachelor that usually has only the basic items for life like a table, chair or lamp, can get an enhanced look with a wooden chest of drawers. For instance, a serpentine-fašade chest of drawers made from mahogany sporting shaped bracket feet may just be the perfect upholstery. Wooden chest of drawers often bears the stamp and exudes the craftsmanship of celebrated cabinet makers of yore. These are perfect for a family man or a home owner who likes to pamper and surround himself with items that bring inspiration.