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Wooden Mirror Frames - Bed Room Furniture

Wooden Mirror Frames

Wood has several uses and is the most basic raw material that has been used ever since wood craft and carpentry was initiated by the human civilization. While it's most popular use has been in the manufacture of wooden furniture like beds, chairs and tables, wood has been widely used in making several functional and decorative items. Wooden frames, especially the wooden mirror frame, are one of them.

Though, generally speaking, wooden frames are often a means for displaying the precious painting or family photograph on the wall, they are also used as a perfect complement to the choicest mirrors that can adorn your home. In fact, you can have an exquisitely engraved or carved wooden frame to hold a looking glass or an expensive mirror on the wall or the bedside table. They make for excellent display also.

Solid wooden mirror frames often have a traditional and antique feel to it. These are wood acquired from trees like rosewood, mahogany, oak etc. They are heavy and strong and mirror frames made from these woods are mostly thick and broad. The frames are mostly embellished with engravings and carvings and can perfectly carry a mirror's weight.

Softwood is the other common alternative to mirror frames. Such type of wood generally has less strength and is often used for holding the lighter or thin mirrors. The softness of the wood means that working on it is easier.

Wooden mirror frames come is several shapes meant for different purposes. You can find an oval mirror, looking exquisite in wooden frames that are either ornate or plain. There are also the rectangular, round and square-shaped ones among various others for framing that perfect mirror.

You can have your choice of polish or matt finish on the frames. Both sport their individual looks that appear resplendent.