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Dining Room Furniture - Dining Chair

Wooden Chairs: Styles, Shapes and Designs

There are some furniture pieces that are more important than others because they're used more in our everyday life. The humble chair is one such furniture. It has retained its importance over centuries. In earlier times, the chair was used by people superior to others like a king or a chieftain.

As time passed the wooden chair became more common and began to be used in all homes. Man learnt making wooden furniture and since then the wooden chair has been staple furniture. Initially, the chairs didn't look like the ones that we use today. They were more like stools sans back support or arm rests. That wasn't a very comfortable version and the wooden chair soon improved and comprised the back and arm rest.

Wooden chairs are often distinguished as per their designs. It's pertinent to mention that not all wooden chairs are identical and they have different used. A wooden chair is mostly used for sitting around a dining table where most people have their meals. Wooden chairs are also used in the reading room or foyer where people relax and read books or watch TV. In both cases the design of the chairs would be completely different. While both the dining room and the reading room chair would have backrests, the latter would be more relaxing as a person is likely to spend more hours on it than a dining room chair.

Wooden chairs are used for a variety of purposes and they are used in several types of environments. These chairs are much more durable than any other chair and require less maintenance. But a wooden chair must be manufactured by a competent carpenter. Wood is expensive and a wrong stroke on the wood could cause a permanent damage to it.

Wooden chairs haven't been out of fashion for over centuries. And they continue to do so.