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Dining Room Furniture - Dining Set

About Wooden Dining Sets

Whenever you choose wooden dining furniture sets, you've to consider the style of the room while selecting the type of wood. Many people prefer eating in their kitchen and use a formal dining space only while entertaining guests or hosting dinner parties. Others often have a combined living and dining area. Yet others have no dining space at all and dine in their kitchen.

A large traditional kitchen will look great with a solid wood dining table and wooden rustic chairs, without or with cushions. A square, round or rectangular solid wood table can forge a very different-looking dining area. It however depends upon the décor of the dining area. For instance, a kitchen that has pine panels, would obviously look perfect with a solid pine dining table along with a set of pine chairs.

However, if you've a modern kitchen that has black ceramic hobs and a modern decoration with chrome fittings, then a modern styled dining table would be preferable. The table must have a solid wooden frame with perhaps a black hard glass top on it. There's a lot one can do with solid wood in modern settings. It needn't be all shiny and bright.

Traditional wooden dining sets have retained their place in kitchens for over centuries, although they look best in a formal dining room setting. A solid polished table with iron corners and iron jali is usually the epitome of Indian craftsmanship. These dining sets, comprising solid wooden chairs, coupled with similar oak cabinets and dressers forge an overall traditional look.

While selecting solid dining room furniture, it's very pertinent that you know the correct shade of would that would look best. The degree of finish like varnished, waxed etc. is also important. The décor of the area is also important. A high polished mahogany dining table set would look as much out of place in some rustic kitchen as an untreated oak table in a formal dining setup.