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Gifts Items Furniture - Wooden Chest Drawer

Combining Aesthetics and Functionality

A well arranged room looks pleasing and speaks about the tastes of the owner. Itís quite natural for a room to have various items of use and they are often scattered all over the place. It gives a clumsy look to the room. A handcrafted wooden chest drawer could be the best solution in this regard. There are several types of wooden drawer chests available and you can select one as per your needs.

Depending upon the available space in your room, you can either go for a traditional chest having normal width and three to five drawers, or select a long, narrow shaped cabinet that has several small drawers.

The type of wood used in making the chest drawers is the most important thing. Cedar, pine, oak and sheesham are the common woods used for making these pieces. Oak chests, however, are a bit more expensive than the others. The wooden chest drawers make storing small items easy and retrieving them when in need doesnít involve any hassle.

One has to carefully select the wood for the drawer chests so that it perfectly syncs with the rest of your furniture. Decide on the number of drawers as per your convenience and needs. People, usually, prefer a wooden drawer chest that comprises two small and three large drawers. The top of the chest, meanwhile, can be used for placing a flower vase, lamp or other decorative pieces for enhancing the elegance and beauty of your room.

If youíre using wooden chest drawers for your kidsí room, make sure that they are of the appropriate height and easily accessible by your children. More number of chests than drawers is beneficial in this case so that your childrenís toys could be stored easily.

Wooden chest drawers are highly functional pieces of furniture that never runs out of uses.