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Gifts Items Furniture - Wooden Decorative Balls

Adding a Dash of Novelty to Your Home

Many people like to design their homes with vases, ornaments and other decorations. But a novel way of decorating your home could be the use of handcrafted wooden balls. These balls, when used in the room, often become the cynosure of all attraction and make an area appear more pleasant and lively. Wooden decorative balls add beauty, light and dimension to the area where they are place. While these balls could stand alone on tables and shelves, adding them to groups or when staggered with various other objects, could generate much interest.

There are often several types of wooden decorative balls. Their diameters are also known to vary widely. While the usual ones have a diameter of one to seven inches, they can be larger depending upon the requirements of the customer. For one, while these balls can just be ordered, they can also be customized as per the specific demands of the buyer.

There are some wooden decorative balls that are circular or oval in shape and that can be used for filling containers like bowls and vases. Yet there are others that have a flat base so as to enable them to stand on tables and shelves or any horizontal surface. With almost infinite designs and colours, the wooden decorative balls append undeniable beauty to your homes.

While glass-made decorative balls are also available, they are susceptible to breakage and are heavy as well. Such fragile products can't be kept everywhere and often needs special care and upkeep. The same is the case for ceramic. Wood, hence, is the most preferred material for making these decorative balls. Wood is hard, sturdy and the most durable. Good quality wood retains its lustre for ages and can be attractively carved.

So the net time you want to add a dash of novelty to your home, go for wooden decorative balls.