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Wooden Home Decorative

India is considered to be the land of traditions and exotic art. Crafts, here, are an integral part of life. The country is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and wooden artifacts and handicrafts form a major part of this heritage.

The range of home decorative pieces and items that could be carved out from wood is simply immense. Handcrafted wooden items are often a must in most Indian homes. Skilled craftsmen etch beautiful designs and enhance the beauty of wooden home decoratives by either decorating or painting them with beautiful inlay work.

Various Indian religious idols are carved out of wood and are sported in Indian drawing and living rooms as home decoratives. Many kinds of wood are used for making these idols depending upon individual liking. The sculptures are usually engraved and have found admiration all over the world for their craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty.

In India, the knowledge of craftsmanship is mostly passed from generation to generation and that's the secret behind the beautifully sculpted home decoratives. These include statue heads, mini sculptures, small tables, figurines,wooden hanger,key holders and various other items. Any of these items can greatly enhance the beauty and feel of your living room and most visitors are likely to ask you questions about the decoratives.

Some wooden home decorative items can be made functional as well. For instance, a wooden chess table, with carved legs, can double up as a side table when a game is not being played. Here the table serves a dual purpose of decoration and usability.

Wooden home decorative items are known to last for a lifetime as against cheaper alternatives like glass and plastic. They are durable. If you're an antique collector you'll find much pleasure in dressing up your home with these decorative pieces. They are priceless and their owners never want to part with them.