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Gifts Items Furniture - Wooden Pen Holder

The Ideal Gift for Pen Collectors

A person, having a passion for writing, is likely to have several pens. When the passion goes beyond writing, he may turn into a pen collector. Expensive branded pens, that need good preservation, would find the way to his collection. It's at this time that he would need an exquisite wooden holder to keep his pens. For one, these holders not only keep the pens shielded from dust and dirt, they also ensure a longer life.

While there are cheaper products like plastic boxes, available at random, there's hardly anything to beat the longevity and elegance of a wooden holder. A nicely traditional handcrafted wooden pen holder, usually manufactured from mango,sheesham or rosewood, is a fine example of sophistication.

Wooden pen holders are a great gift idea. They can be gifted for various occasions, corporate promotions, to your parents and on birthdays and Christmas. They make fantastic assets. When you combine a classic wooden pen with a similarly exquisite wooden holder, it speaks about the taste you have. You can also have the wooden holder engraved with your company logo and give them away as corporate gifts.

The wooden pen holders usually come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. They are often influenced by the culture and craftsmanship of the country where it's made. Indian craftsmen make some of the best wooden pen holders and the pieces bear testimony to their craftsmanship. They can also come in standard and humble designs. For instance, a classic yet simplistic sheesham pen holder having rounded corners and sporting a clear finish would look appealing enough. Many pen collectors are known to engrave their signatures or initials on the holders. These give the pieces a personalized feel.

Wooden pen holders are handcrafted wonders that last for generations. After the passage of several years an antique value gets attached to them.