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Gifts Items Furniture - Wooden Photo Frames & Picture Frames

Classic Appeal for a Lifetime

Pictures and photos are an important part of everybody's life. They remind of the good times that you have spent. They are often significant moments in a person's life.

But to enjoy these moments of happiness forever, you've to ensure that the photos are correctly framed and preserved. Frames not only properly display the photos, they preserve the photos as well.

Talking about photo and picture frames, there's hardly anything to beat the wooden ones. Several types of wood are used for making photo frames that can also double up as mirror frames.

There are both the softwood frames and the solid wooden frames. In fact, the various types of wood used to make the frames, bring about a different and unique design to these frames. In the case of solid wood, bigger sized frames are possible. Such frames can hold almost anything, right from a poster-sized photo or mirror to a portrait and even a painting. The solid wooden frames usually have carved borders embellished on all sides.

The broad and flat wooden frames are also used for preserving photos and pictures. These can also be of a bigger size capable of holding paintings even of A3 size. These frames are usually meant to offer support to heavier mirrors, paintings, portraits and pictures.

There are the slimmer and lighter versions of wooden photo and picture frames as well. They are made to look more like a trimming encompassing the picture. Available in various sizes, they are available with backgrounds if the photo, mirror or picture has a smaller size.

A properly sized wooden frame can forge a proper posture to the picture and also retain its aesthetic quality. Pictures often get spoiled when left loose or in an album.

There's an exhaustive variety of wooden framed available. The durable nature of wood makes these frames long lasting.