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The Traditional Beauty of Wooden Planters

There's nothing that can beat the natural beauty of a wooden planter. Whether it's an expansive patio or a small balcony, a well chosen wooden planter can last for decades on end.

Wooden planters are mostly manufactured from teak, oak or durable cedar and enhance the looks of a garden regardless of how sophisticated or contemporary it is. Gone are those days when planters meant only a rough cedar box or an oak half barrel. These days, painted wooden planters could be a great way for complementing the exterior of your home by forging a unique garden design.

Wood is a fine insulator and keeps the plants, especially their roots, cool and rice. You can plant right inside the pot or can use it for dressing up the homely cheap pots. If you have the longevity factor on your mind, try using a better quality wood as cheaper woods have a shorter life. The heavier the wood, the more durable would be the planter. Besides, wooden planters can also be used for protecting your plants from temperature extremities. During summer, the planters warm up less compared to other pots and the roots are thus protected from the heat. During winter, on the other hand, the wood protects plants from the cold outside. Unlike plastic and other hybrid planters, the wooden ones are environment friendly as they come from a renewable resource.

Wooden planters are manufactured from a variety of woods like teak, cypress, redwood cedar etc. they cede great versatility in combination with various other garden equipment like the seating, storage and the trellises. Cedar planters could be used sans any painting because they're resistant to rot. Planters made from more expensive timber, like teak, requires a more regular maintenance.

Whatever be the case, it can be undoubtedly said that the wooden planters are a functional addition to your garden.