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Industrial Vintage Furniture

Industrial Vintage Furniture

Furniture designing is constantly changing so as to keep abreast of the latest trends appearing in the market every year. Designs usually vary from the traditional to contemporary. Of late sustainable and green furniture are very much in demand.

With the number of furniture made from recycled wood increasing by the day, another type of furnitureŚthe reclaimed industrial furnitureŚcan also be seen. Creative industrial furniture designers have begun to incorporate antique and vintage artifacts in their creations. This means that such furniture is mostly limited edition in nature and aimed at attracting a niche clientele. Industrial vintage furniture is largely manufactured from discarded materials to produced constructive new items. Here, repurposing forges a new look to a furniture piece for exciting everyday use and plays the part in conservation as well.

At IFO, we constantly endeavor to manufacture vintage industrial furniture that appeals to the customer. Our master craftsmen blend aesthetics with functionality to make some of the most pleasing furniture. We source our raw materials from the best maintained old wooden furniture and recycle them to produce the best reclaimed industrial furniture. We have serviced customers all across the globe and they have all vouched for our products.


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