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Jute Leather Handicrafts India

Shopping for Jute and Leather Handicrafts from India

Crafts are a unique expression that speaks of heritage, tradition and culture of a country. India is renowned for its legacy of exotic crafts that require tremendous creative mastery and artistic skills.

Jute and leather handicrafts making are a genre of craftsmanship thatís hardly found in any country other than India. They have their unique characteristics and deliver an inimitable cultural message. Grain sack sofa, jute ottomons could be ideal home furniture items. Carving jute handicrafts calls for tremendous creative mastery and artistic skills. Variety of finishing and designs are available from Indian jute handicrafts reflect the quality artistic skills of the Indian craftsmen.

The same goes with leather handicrafts as well. The country is one of the leading producer and supplier of such handicrafts. It has become a potential industry because of the financial and cultural value associated to leather handicrafts.

The repertoire of leather handicrafts also includes a range of stuffed animal leather products. In ancient India, the animals hunted down by the kings and royals used to be stuffed and preserved as decorated items and trophies.

In fact, jute and leather handicrafts have emerged as an important economic factor for the country. They are the potential medium for preserving the rich traditional skills and heritage.

Thereís a huge demand for Indian jute and leather handicrafts in both the domestic and international markets. Most parts of the industry are dominated by medium and small-scale ventures.