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Indian Traditional Charpoy

One of the most well known members from the family of Indian furniture, the traditional charpoy has been around for over decades. It's more of a common man's furniture and a perfect foil to the stately antique furniture owned by kings and royals.

Charpoy, strictly speaking, is a rectangular structure resting on four legs. The structure is held together with coir ropes that bind the frame tightly. The base thus becomes comfortable and strong enough for a person to sit on it or sleep. This piece of indigenous furniture is found in almost every home in rural India.

The history of the Indian traditional charpoy, like who invented it or when it was first built, isn't really known. But you can be certain of getting one of the most comfortable beds at the most reasonable price.

While the traditional and old charpoy is itself great ways for adding an Indian touch to your home. Modern charpoys, these days, are all about elegance and comfort and at the same time retaining the rustic feel. Various materials are used to string the charpoys together. These include cotton and plastic strings, toughened coir strings etc. They comprise a better finishing and have a better feel and look. This makes them possible to be used in any themed living room.

The humble Indian charpoy can toady be spotted in various countries across the world. Sometimes reclaimed wood is also used in the making of the charpoy. Those not comfortable with the wooden variety can go for iron.