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Jute Leather Handicrafts India - Storage Trunk

The Storage Trunk

You can get several wooden storage trunks for keeping you clothes and other items safely stored. Earlier, storage trunks were used in the place of suitcases to carry clothes. Today, they are less used for traveling and more for storage purposes.

Storage trunks are ideal to store blankets, quilts, seasonal clothes and similar items. Also, items having sentimental value can be well protected in a storage trunk. Clothing that are prone to insect attacks. These include blankets and woolen sweaters.

A storage trunk can come is various shapes so that they can fit into your needs and design. They sport an old-fashioned appeal and are also very popular. Often, storage trunks have a round lid and deep pockets. Many of them comprise vintage looking copper hardware.

Material used for making trunk is MDF also called as Medium-density fibreboard.

A storage trunk can be multipurpose as well. A cushion can be put in on the wooden top of the trunk and converted to a seating arrangement. Purchasing a storage trunk can hence give you multifunctional utility to hour home.

Antique storage trunks are witnessing an increase in demand because of their vintage appeal. They are more of a collector's item.