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Living Room Furniture - CD Rack

CD Storage Solutions

There's hardly anyone around who doesn't have CDs and DVDs in his home and also desperately in need to keep them safely stored and organized. A good and perfectly crafted wooden CD rack could be the answer to such a problem.

Wooden CD racks are known to come in an almost exhaustive variety of types and sizes. An avid CD/DVD collector would be able to find wooden CD racks that perfectly complement the other wooden upholstery in the house, besides holding all the CDs and DVDs that are there. Proper storage of CDs is not to be ignored because of the fact that they contain vital and important information. While most people think CDs to contain videos and music, in reality, CDs contain other important information also. Many people store financial records, documents, family photos etc. on CDs.

Wooden CD racks are perhaps the most popular type of CD storage solutions. This is because wood and an element of warmth and elegance to a room. Several types of wood are used for the making of CD racks. These include maple, oak, pine and various others. Besides, the wooden CD racks can be found in various grains and colours.

Wooden CD racks are known to have a plethora of sizes that range from humble tabletop models that can hold about 10 or 20 CDs to the six-foot tall towers capable of holding over a 100 CDs. The latter offers adjustable shelves for effective storage. Yet others have hinged doors with a glass front.

Those who have space problems can go for the wall mounted wooden CD racks. These racks don't take up any additional space on the floor. Right from the plain looking to extravagant, the wall mounted racks can be open or have a door. There's also the rotating rack that offers better accessibility to your CD collections.