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One stop furniture shop, you don’t need to go anywhere else………Be a part of Shiva Creations. Shiva Creations is the only well known distinctive decor with 360 degree furnishing solutions.

We are wooden furniture quality-oriented manufacturer and have exquisite attention to your detail need. With interior decoration and planning taking its shape and place in home, office and corporate atmosphere handicrafts really add spice to interior decoration world. Incorporate these furniture into your life to retain the look and feel of India traditional art and craft culture.

Bed Room Furniture

Get your happy dreams with exclusive bedroom furniture

If upgrading your bedroom furniture has been on your wish-list lately, look no further. Browse through our galleries for a range of traditional bedroom furniture that would enhance the looks of your bedroom. Dabbing a hint of style and appeal to significantly turn your private chamber into an 'out of the ordinary' place, these long lasting, solid birch Sheesham bedroom furniture pieces are just apt to furnish your dream bedroom. So, furnish your private chamber with a set of classic bed, wardrobe, chest drawer and a mirror frame to complete the look of your novel bedroom.

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Dining Room Furniture

Add a touch of warmth with exclusive dining room furniture

A family that shares a happy mean has a strong bonding that can overcome any odds in life. With this in mind, special care should be taken when deciding the furniture of your dining room. Typically a dining room should have a solid, long lasting dining table, four to six chairs and wooden sideboards for your special cutlery. When deciding the interiors, the sideboards should ideally be easily accessible from the dining table as well as the kitchen. Also, as far as possible, the dining sets you buy should match the ambience of you dining room. So, when purchasing your dining room furniture, try buying all the necessities on the same day to maintain the mood of the space.

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Living Room Furniture

Choose Your Living Room Furniture with Élan

The living room should be well-decorated as it is that particular area which gives an impression about the dwellers of the house. The couch takes centre stage here. It should be comfortable, yet stylish. Around the couch should be designed the rest of the room. The bare minimum you can have in your house added to the couch is your coffee table, CD rack and television cabinet for your stereo, television and DVD player. A few side tables and a good painting hung on the wall complete the picture. If you're a reader, ensure you have a beautiful wooden book rack to welcome you when you get home.

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Restaurant Furniture

Appropriate restaurant furniture spells elegant décor and relaxed atmosphere

This section has been specially designed to suit the needs of the Restaurant furniture buyers, with ample information and revealing gallery to pick and choose traditional restaurant furniture. Whether a new set-up or an already running restaurant, bar or café; furniture and other furnishings play a significant role to make the place a hit! It is essentially important to set up furniture that goes well with the restaurant theme, designing and cuisine expertise. Planning an Indian restaurant would certainly demand installation of Indian furniture, made from sheesham wood with special Jodhpur carvings. The range fo restaurant furniture incorporates bar stools, high chairs, dividing screens and wine racks.

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Office Furniture

The Right Kind of Office Furniture Enhances Productivity

More often than not, offices conjure visions of dull, dingy, badly lit, inadequately ventilated spaces, full of reams of paper and files. Designing office furniture is a matter of least concern and so is the office atmosphere! We, at Shiva Creations, on the other hand, ensure that offices are stylish, fresh looking and furnished with suitable office furniture, may it be a book rack, office chairs and tables, and any other furniture piece that fits in your requirement and goes well with the theme. Adorned with contemporary file storage cabinets and book shelves; a well-furnished office creates an impressive commercial interiors and, of course, a lasting impression!

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Gifts Items

Surprise your beloved ones with wonderful gift items

What would be more engaging, pleasing and surprising than unwrapping a ribbon and discovering a beautifully carved Indian handicraft souvenir, all yours!? Well, it would be a wonderful idea to gift your near and dear ones with something like wooden boxes, engraved photo frames, wine racks, wooden candle stands or wooden chest drawers. The list will go on with various stunning gift items that would surely spell WOW!!!

Wooden handicraft items are once again gaining popularity with the country over and above abroad. These handmade wooden gifts are crafted in Indian rural backgrounds and travel all through the globe. Handicrafts being completely environmentally safe, choosing to gift these wooden crafts is also an eco-friendly step.

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Industrial Vintage Furniture

Style redefined with elegant home furnishings

Traditional home furnishings must have been a part of the home you grew up in. traditional home set-up is an orderly organization of furniture, upholstery and scheming.

Where contemporary style of home furnishings are asymmetrical and frenzied, traditional home furnishings ensure neat, tidy and orderly sort out for interior designing and home furbishing. Traditional is comfortable and we all are well-accustomed to it. It's actually a matter of taste as well, as people with an inclination towards traditional setup and time-honored designs tend to pick traditional textiles and embroidered bed covers for their homes.

Wood Crafts Handcrafted Items

Painted wooden furniture

Painted wooden furniture to add colors to life

Colored furniture typically from the Indian deserts adds life to the home with brilliant and vivid color schemes. This traditional wooden furniture is symbolic of culture of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. After all, where would the value of color be better known than in a desert! This traditional style inexpensive Indian furniture conjures up images of modern homes that have been designed on ethnic themes. Nowadays, at least a part of each home has collectibles from rural India, symbolizing colorful tradition and rich heritage of the country.

Wood Crafts Handcrafted Items

Cube Range Furniture

Ranges: All-purpose furniture

As the name goes, Ranges displays a wide variety of furniture that can deck up almost any corner of your house with unparalleled grace and charm. Cube and jail are the main styles adopted for this range of furniture. They come both in simple and elaborate designs, and are carved to perfection with minute attention to details. The usability of this range of furniture is something that will surely strike the right chord with the customers. Made out of fine quality wood, Ranges are all about modern designs and traditional definition of 'utility'. Whether it's dining furniture or bedroom sets, living room bric-a-brac or garden accessories, Ranges are an ultimate solution to all your interior needs.

Wood Crafts Handcrafted Items