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Reclaimed Wooden Furniture

Go Green with Reclaimed Wooden Furniture

Reclaimed wooden furniture, or simply recycled furniture is manufactured from wood salvaged from old structures like warehouses, barns, mills and mansions. The biggest benefit of such old wood furniture is that the existing forests can be preserved. With governments across the world imposing strict laws on cutting trees to reduce the effects of global warming and protect the habitat for various living species, using recycled wood furniture have become a viable alternative. Besides the ecological and environmental benefits, reclaimed wood furniture is usually inexpensive, durable and adds a unique character to a home and office. The range of reclaimed wood furniture includes side boards, granary consoles, beds, shelving units, desks and tables, chairs, wooden mirrors and home accents.

Hardwood logs recovered from the bottom of waterways are usually preserved over centuries. They are often used for paneling, flooring or custom furniture. In fact, imperfections like some reclaimed teakwood furniture are often left with their imperfections like cracks, warps, and worm holes to retain the antique warmth and charm.

We, at IFO, manufacture furniture that would surely become attention grabbers at your home. Our reclaimed old wood furniture lasts for generations and you could be the owner of some unique piece of history. Our master craftsmen etch out some of the best designs on recycled furniture.