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Restaurant Furniture - Screen

Wooden Screens and partitions are Decorative Additions to Your Home

Wooden carved screens and partitions are set up for separating the areas of a single room. Wooden screens are movable and thus temporary. The biggest advantage of these screens is that when not required, they can be folded and kept away. They are also often used for blocking light and forging a privacy between the two sections of a room and acts as a divider. Besides, they append a certain decorative charm to your room. Selecting the right wooden screen often depends upon the personal choice and taste of the customer.

In India, wooden screens and partitions have been manufactured for almost centuries. Jodhpur is Rajasthan is the home of Indian furniture and craftsmen here make fantastic wooden screens. India, in fact, is famous for its wooden screens. A wide variety of woods are used in the making of these partitions. These include rosewood, teak, walnut, mango, sheesham, acacia and others.

The screens available are of varying quality depending upon the wood used in their manufacture. They are usually foldable and often range from three to six panels. You can, however, get a wooden screen customized as per your own requirement. Panels comprising the partition are usually carved with intricate designs. Many of them are often inlaid with a metal thread or simply painted with an enamel paint depicting unique designs. Multicoloured wooden screens are also available that give a colourful tint to your room.

Wooden screens and partitions are mostly used in large halls, commercial spaces, dining halls and even confession boxes in a church. Wooden room partitions are quite popular. The ethnic designs of a screen make it suitable for use in a drawing room so as to emanate a very vintage and distinct look to the whole room. The screens add a magnificent and appealing look to your home. They are intricately crafted and often take months to complete.