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Restaurant Furniture - Stool

Wooden Stools: Functional Pieces of Furniture

Wooden side or lamp table could be used as both functional seating systems or as decorative motifs. They fit in any room and could also be used outdoors. Wooden stools usually come in various sizes with a great variety of finishes and colors. You can select from different styles and heights that suit your needs.

In a kitchen, the stool is typically used as a seat at the island or counter. In the bathroom, it can be placed at a corner like a primitive styled rack. A smaller version of a wooden stool can be used as a step up for your child for reaching the sink. Besides, they are also of the perfect size that can be slid under the dressing table. In fact they can be used for seating in front of the dressing table as well. In the outdoors, a wooden stool can be a great whimsical addition to the flower garden. They can also be used for simple decoration purposes and placed outside the backdoor where they'll make a prefect resting area when you come home after shopping and try to find the keys with an armload of groceries.

The height of the wooden stool would greatly depend on the purpose for which you purchase it. A step stool needs to be of only a few inched while a wooden bar stool has to be much taller. Wooden stools manufactured for seating purposes usually start at 18 inches and go up to 36 inches. While buying a wooden stool, make sure you have the correct measurement of the surface on which you'll be placing the stool. The difference between the surface height and the seat height must be approximately 11 inches.

Wooden nest of tables are functional pieces of furniture that are attracting acceptance at both and office. Besides, they have been an eternal favorite at bar counters.